2 days (of work) left until (another 4-day weekend) the Royal Wedding

Yeah so I kinda haven’t blogged in a while but this post is entirely dedicated to my Auntie L whom was looking for an update from this side of the pond about the wedding shenanigans.

Besides us getting this Friday off to celebrate the Royal Wedding, there isn’t as much going on as I would have expected.  The pubs are using this as a great opportunity to advertise that they are opening at 9:30am on Friday and tonight there seems to be tons of documentaries re-hashing everything we already know about the happy couple.  Overall though I do think North America is a bit more enthused about this than the Brits – I say this as BBC is interviewing Meredith Viera asking her why the US is so interested in Wills/Cate.

I did get up this morning and headed to Buckingham Palace to check it out and see if I could get some shots of all the TV crews filming for the morning news…or not.

I then headed up Regent Street (which was beautifully decorated – see slide show) expecting to at least see some fancy window displays – the one below was clever but not exactly what I was expecting (both of these are made of black/white 7 jeans).

Sadly today’s mission to provide an update seem to have failed but don’t worry Auntie L – I will post daily until the wedding.  I will also provide a daily weather update –  below is the current forecast for Friday from the BBC website – the Queen better pack her wellies!

Don’t bother watching this if you have an allergy or aversion to Union Jacks.

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WTF? Friday

Oddly specific dating site that was just advertised on TV…

Uniform Dating.com

Uniform Dating description

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Ivana Tinkle

Thought these names in the news were quite ironically appropriate.

Peter Boddy talking about body building…

And Mr Loser with his giant bird cage.  I love how instead of referring to him by his last name like they do in 99% of all news articles (as per above) they ended up referring to him as John instead…booooring.

Personally I think “Looser’s assistant is dwarfed by this creation” would have been funnier…but that’s just me, I still laugh at the word ‘duty’ or when people trip and pretend they didn’t.

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WTF? Friday

So, I just used that I was pretty sure was an actual word until the person I sent it to asked me what it meant…I of course had to google it because I was pretty sure I didn’t make up the word and hate being wrong.

Anyhoo turns out it is a word (slang, but whatever) that is used everywhere in the world except North America….

How can a word be known everywhere on the entire planet except one (rather large) continent?

I’d love to end this post by teaching my North American friends an incredibly useful word but sadly the word was ‘yonks‘ meaning ‘ages’, derived from donkey years (somehow) i.e. I haven’t eaten peanut butter and fluff in yonks. Marginally useless and kinda of stupid sounding – maybe it’s better off that North America remains in the dark on this one.

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There’s a roll on for that

These aren’t mutually exclusive – surely they can come up with an all in one giant roll-on that fixes all of these things can’t they?….please?….shortly?

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WTF? Friday

So Mom keeps reminding me that I must get her a souvenir from the royal wedding however I haven’t really come across anything, until tonight… somehow I am not sure this is what she had in mind.

I do have to give them credit for being opportunistic, and coming up with a great name…


Kinda like these ones :

Royal wedding plate

William and Kate plate

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That’s a lot of tea…

Today marks 5 years of living in London – approximately 4 years longer than we had expected to stay and 5 years longer than my parents hoped I’d be away.  Talking numbers it also means

Over £5,000 in tube fares
3,650 cups of tea (2 per day at least)
1,300 Coronation Street Episodes
520 pints (give or take a 100 or so)
60+ Sunday Roasts
9 trips back to Canada
5 Annual TV licences
2 World Cups, and…
1 more year until the UK passport

As I celebrate by watching awesome British TV I’m also checking the news for the big ol’ snowstorm (or as they are referring it to as snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, snowcastrophe) that is heading towards Ontario …they are even calling for thundersnow, I didn’t even know there was such thing as thundersnow!!  Whilst I do love the mild winters here…I am a bit envious at the thought of a snow day cause we certainly haven’t had many of those.  Stay warm…

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