Three years and counting

Today is our three year anniversary of moving to London (insert applause here). It also means that as of tomorrow we will have lived in London for 3 years and 1 day which is officially longer than we lived in Toronto which I never thought would have happened. Saying that, I actually can’t imagine going back as I don’t’ have an accent or a UK passport.

Anyway after three years I think I have adapted a bit and stick out marginally less than I did when I arrived.  I am however still learning things…like about BBC programming. It took me until last month to realise that there are no commercials when you are watching a programme on a BBC TV channel or listening to BBC radio!!

A few Sunday’s ago I was watching Top Gear, that night I had a bit too much tea to drink so was waiting anxiously for a commercial break so I wouldn’t miss any of the show….which is when I realised there were no commercial breaks!! The entire hour show went by and it wasn’t until the credits rolled that I could leave without missing something. I thought originally it was just Top Gear but since then I have noticed it happens on all BBC programmes.  It is great as it means an hour long show is actually an hour long but it does make it virtually impossible to get up and make that evening snack.

The reason for the lack of commercials goes back to the fact that we fund the BBC via a TV license instead of them being funded by advertising revenues..but that is another blog for another day. Today is about the pub, pints and a Sunday Roast…happy Londonversary to us.

Sunday Roast

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2 Responses to Three years and counting

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    I can’t believe it has been three years!
    The roast beef dinner did look delicious and worth staying a little longer for. Remember not forever though,because you promised to come to Vancouver when you move back home!
    We are all watching super bowl sunday and munching on chips (crisps) while you eat your yorkshire! I’ll take London anyday! Love Aunty L.

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