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Rhyming lesson – English style

I had to laugh when I read this the other morning as it perfectly illustrates the differences we have with the language here. It shows how we North Americans (on occasion) bastardise pronunciation of the English language (I have to … Continue reading

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My sentiments exactly

Double sided tape also works well when wanting to hem trousers….

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Stupid dog smile

I am a dog person through and through. The first 9 years of my life I grew up with a basset hound (see below – sorry it’s a picture of a picture but check out that kick ass 70’s green … Continue reading

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They’ve been workin’ on the rail road…

  Okay so this picture sort of resembles some sort of ultra sound so I might need to explain it.  In the picture there is a giant floodlight, three men and two jackhammers ….bear in mind this picture was taken … Continue reading

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One helluva burger

If you’ve been craving a flame grilled Wagyu Beef, white truffles and an Iranian saffron and truffle bun than today is your lucky day as Burger King officially starts serving the world’s most expensive burger.  Further to my post a while … Continue reading

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Randomly placed ladders and lonely birds

I work in a fairly unique office (gastro pub converted to an office on a very residential street) and have learned over the while I have been her to expect just about anything from falling ceilings (apparently this happens in … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day, 100th Post day and my half birthday

Yes it is Fathers day here in the UK too…still not sure why they celebrate Mothers day (or Mothering Sunday) on a different day here as it makes it hard for us foreigners to find an appropriate card when our … Continue reading

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