iscan and scan and scan..

A’ight so I admit it – I am a bit in love with my ipod touch – I still won’t go for an iphone because I am a devout Blackberry fan however I am enjoying the touch a lot more than I had thought.  The downfall is that it only works in wifi zones but the only way to get internet everywhere is to get an iphone and I can’t – its against my technological religion.

Anyhoo the touch lets me dabble in the app world which I have been happily doing (can’t stop playing Angry Birds) downloading everything from a sleep analyser to Starbucks finder to my newest love..the Tesco (big grocery store like Sobey’s) barcode scanner.

I do have a bit of a ‘thing’ for scanning stuff and tend to always head straight for the self check out even if I know that it will inevitably weigh something incorrectly or make someone verify that I am old enough to buy the bottles of wine I am buying but I love it.   Naturally, when I saw an ad for an app that lets you scan things I downloaded it…and it’s awesome – I feel like I have seen the future.

So basically with the app go around scanning your stuff and when it recognises the barcode, it brings up the price, size nutritional information etc – so theoretically if you had say, an iphone, you could stand in Sainsburys (like Loblaws)  and scan the products to find out if they were cheaper at Tesco!!  OR you could just go around the house scanning stuff just to hear it beep…Best. Thing. Ever!

Anyhoo here’s some pictures of my scanning spree

Tesco barcode app

Lining up the barcode

Tesco barcode app

Ta Da!


…and the advert – and yes the beep sounds just like that


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