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Ready made pancakes

A colleague of mine bought these today and I couldn’t help but laugh…. Ready made pancakes!! It’s the perfect solution for people like me that thought having to add an egg, milk, preheating a pan, pouring in batter, waiting for … Continue reading

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Sunny September Weekend

This weekend we had absolutely beautiful weather with a cloudless blue sky both Saturday and Sunday. Since our endless DIY project still isn’t finished, we had to venture out on Saturday to do some errands but were able to enjoy … Continue reading

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Mystery advertisement update

  It seems the mystery has been solved with various marking publications announcing that the ad campaign I mentioned the other day is for The Times (London newspaper).  See quote below The purpose of the campaign has been to encourage … Continue reading

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ShortList Day!

So on top of the three free papers I read each day (Metro, Lite and London paper) there are a few days a week where you get additional free magazines…Thursday’s is called Short List and Friday is Sport.  I love … Continue reading

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Cruising through the Cotswolds

Well we made it back from our first driving trip in the UK alive. The car thing went pretty smooth despite leaving our traffic sign book at home which meant I could only assume signs below were pointing out places … Continue reading

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Overused, annoying and pointless

I hate it when marketing-speak takes over the news headlines.  Phrases like ‘war on terror’ and  ‘carbon footprint’ are created to essentially dumb down the news and make it more palatable for the average Joe…which is all fine until they hit … Continue reading

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Pelicans, Puffins, Pegusus’ and Zebra’s, oh my

So we are heading out of London this weekend (gasp) to see the lovely UK countryside as in all of our travels, we haven’t seen much of the UK.  We are heading to a city called Cheltenham and are considering … Continue reading

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