When in doubt, choose C

I am currently reading the 8th best-selling politics book of all time…and not by choice.  The book is  ‘Life in the United Kingdom A Journey to Citizenship’ and  is a required read  in order to pass the Life in the UK test I must write as part of my ‘naturalisation’ process to become a British Citizen.  The test is 25 multiple choice questions covering Coronation Street facts, the difference between Ale, Lager and Stout, the scoring method in cricket the profile of the population in the UK, the governmental system, employment…blah blah.  Thankfully the other requirements include reading English and using a mouse which I do know how to do.  The best bit…there is an ‘app’ full of hundreds of practice questions which has shifted my study strategy from reading to app-ing.

I am a pretty crap studier and as per my many years of schooling I still tend to remember ridiculous useless information (like the definition of diffusion or how to spell taxidermist –   in this case, the proportion of the UK population that has tried illegal drugs) and can’t grasp the important ones (like the character’s names in Great Expectations, or the UK population and what percentage are from Wales).

So far some of my favourite useless random facts include:

  • Women make up 51% of the population – It’s cause we rule
  • Women in the UK generally have a baby in the hospital – it is common for the father to attend the birth, but only if the mother wants him there – Pretty sure this wont be on the test but I liked that they even bothered with the last bit.
  • You can get the name of the dentist from your local library – Yeah, if all the internet connections in the world went down.
  • There is actually a position in the government called Whips – they are a group of MP’s that are responsible for discipline in the party and making sure the MP’s attend the House of Commons to vote – riiight so is there really someone with a business card called Whip? I guess the title ‘Mom (or Mum)’ was already taken
  • Legally blind people can claim a 50% reduction on their TV license – …ooooh generous

Anyhoo wish me luck…

Life in the United Kingdom App


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6 Responses to When in doubt, choose C

  1. Phil (Dad) says:

    Good that you got your Canadian passport the natural way (birth) as you obviously missed the fact that there are “party whips” in Canadian Government politics.

    Love Dad

  2. Pete says:

    Whats the answer to the question at the bottom of the post?? Is it A) ?

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  4. Caroline says:

    That is a very interesting question you posted A…my question to that is when did the age change? My Dad delivered milk when he was 12 yrs old!!!

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