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For your TV viewing pleasure…

To say television is different here is a bit of an understatement. Not only are their standards different in terms of censorship i.e. swearing seems allowed just about any time of day as is topless-ness and naked bums but the … Continue reading

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You went where exactly?

We are back from the hubby’s birthday trip and for those of you just dying to know where we ended up…it was Malta.  If you aren’t sure where that is (like my brother in law).  It is a very small … Continue reading

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Leaving on a jet plane..

As the hubby turns 30 this weekend I am taking advantage of London’s close proximity to Europe and taking him away to an undisclosed location.  He does know that we are going away and even made a request that it … Continue reading

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On my way to work

Nothing really to rant about today…thought I would share a picture of some of the houses I pass on my way to work every day…..look pretty impressive today against the beautiful blue backdrop!  I am sure I will be back … Continue reading

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See, I’m not the only one

I am not afraid to hide it…I am a Coronation Street fan.  It started before we moved as Canada does get the show (it’s almost a year behind though) and I have continued to watch it as it is conveniently on … Continue reading

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Not exactly correct…

I have always heard that the tube map is not geographically correct…it is laid out the way it is to make it look nice and simple to use…and I agree that it is but sometimes you forget and think its an … Continue reading

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Have a seat…

I just love the logic in this….you book a ticket for a movie (either online or in person) and you get to choose a specific seat!!  How brilliant is that, there is no need to show up an hour before … Continue reading

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