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What does this button do?

On the day we moved into our flat (and by moved I mean brought our 2 hockey bags and6 suit cases from our hotel to the flat),  our landlord was still there doing a final ‘hoover’ (aka vacuum) of the … Continue reading

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Some posh milk with your tea perhaps?

Just when I thought I was aware of the most advanced technologies where milk pouring is concerned I saw this in a fairly upscale organic store around the corner from my office (when I came out there were two fancy … Continue reading

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I love a good giggle

Don’t think about the fact that it is Sunday afternoon and that your 2 work free days are over and 5 work filled days are on the way. Think back to when none of that was important, when you didn’t … Continue reading

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Bleeping funny

Okay so I may or may not like to use 4 letter words every once and a while to get my point across. And, I may or may not have been given a swear jar as a secret Santa gift … Continue reading

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You have got to be joking

If this was written on April fools day, I wouldn’t believe a word of it. Apparently, Burger King is going to offer an £85 burger ($169 CDN) in select restaurants in upmarket London locations in an effort to show that they … Continue reading

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Old school catalogue shopping

Its funny when you come to one country and find a concept that works quite well but realise the same concept failed miserably somewhere else.  One specific instance is the Consumers Distributing retail model….save money by not having expensive retail … Continue reading

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I clearly need one of these….

My lovely friend Emma just brought this gadget to my attention in light of my spider experience a few weeks back.  Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum Check it out…not only does it have a 2 foot reach but the pesky insects … Continue reading

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