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To my brilliant Auntie L

My Auntie L whom has kept this blog readership at a steady 1 for the past six years is feeling a bit poorly so Winston thought that posting a few pictures of him might help (warning, if you don’t like … Continue reading

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How to create loyal customers

While Christmas shopping online (for myself) I came across what might be the best loyalty programme out there…. I will shop anywhere that allows me to accumulate pints…very keen to understand the process for redeeming my ‘cumulated pints’.

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WTF? Friday

The one thing I love about British TV is their documentaries,  I have learned more about sea mammals, space, wars, the Hudson plane crash than anyone needs to know…however whilst channel surfing last night I came across this beautiful song … Continue reading

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WTF? Friday

Yeah, so this ad caught my eye on the tube this morning .  I’m not sure what the link is between finding a baby daddy and the size of the donor’s manhood but besides that…You can browse sperm donors online??? … Continue reading

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Google paid as much attention in French class as I did…

I wanted to check the spelling of ‘twenty five’ in French so plugged it in to the trusty Google Translate tool and got this fantastic result. …and yes I did try a series of numbers and it seems to give … Continue reading

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WTF? Friday

I am generally quite a punctual person which was why I was a bit surprised when I got a reminder this  morning letting me know that I was 411 years late for a call – I clicked snooze, I figure … Continue reading

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Wedding forecast…

Today’s forecast for the Royal Wedding is……. Can’t say it’s looking good for the open top carriage!

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