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WTF? Friday

Honestly I thought this was a joke…but because a) this is a real product, and b) there was a New York Times article written about this commercial…i think it might be legit.  And yes, they do say ‘when its a … Continue reading

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Milk, potatoes and sandy beaches

So a few weekends ago we went to visit friends in Jersey – not New Jersey in the US but Jersey, the island off of the UK.  That is about all I knew of it before landing…wasn’t even sure where … Continue reading

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The eyes have it…*

Not sure what to say about these other than meet the mascots for the London 2012 Olympics….two alien cyclops(es?) dressed in onesies called Mandeville and Wenlock (are those real names? places?  historical references I should be familiar with?) Even the … Continue reading

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L, M, N, O, Pee

It might have changed since I left but it seems at home we are a bit more reserved/clinical when it comes to advertising things to do with medical issues/bodily functions but here they tend to bring things down to earth … Continue reading

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WTF? Friday

So I’m not remotely fashionable so probably shouldn’t be commenting on this but I am just not sure I get these.  To be fair in the early 80’s I am sure people were puzzled by leg warmers but knee-lons ?(yes, … Continue reading

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WTF? Friday

I stumbled across this clip the other day and childhood memories came flying back.  This show was called ‘Just like Mom’ and it questioned mother daughter teams about one another to see if they knew more or less than other … Continue reading

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For the most part I have this London thing figured out – I know how to get around the town via bus, overground, foot and by tube,  my need for a tube map is minimal, I know to stand on … Continue reading

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