To my brilliant Auntie L

My Auntie L whom has kept this blog readership at a steady 1 for the past six years is feeling a bit poorly so Winston thought that posting a few pictures of him might help (warning, if you don’t like dogs, look away now)


Auntie L sent something called Peeps, I tried to eat them but Mom growled so I had to let go of them


Nannie needed help making tea so I kept her feet warm


Here I am modelling me my Jubilee bow tie


I have been taught how to ‘touch’ where I hit my nose to your palm, basically I will do anything for a treat


Dad tried to teach me how to smile, I already know how


I watched the London marathon…whilst being carried


My first trip on the tube, actually I took up the entire aisle on the tube


Nannie thought I should be reminded that I am half Canadian


Look! I caught a butterfly!




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How to create loyal customers

While Christmas shopping online (for myself) I came across what might be the best loyalty programme out there….
I will shop anywhere that allows me to accumulate pints…very keen to understand the process for redeeming my ‘cumulated pints’.

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WTF? Friday

The one thing I love about British TV is their documentaries,  I have learned more about sea mammals, space, wars, the Hudson plane crash than anyone needs to know…however whilst channel surfing last night I came across this beautiful song in tribute to China’s ‘one child policy’ instituted in 1979.  My parents, as insightful as they were, instituted the same  in 1978.

I'm convinced

Doesn't he look happy

I feel like they are missing a scene that says ‘So shut up and stop asking for a sibling for Christmas’.

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WTF? Friday

Yeah, so this ad caught my eye on the tube this morning .  I’m not sure what the link is between finding a baby daddy and the size of the donor’s manhood but besides that…You can browse sperm donors online???

Of course I was curious enough to check out the site to see if it was for real.  Figuring you would have to sign up to actually browse “the goods” I was quite surprised that after a few clicks I was presented with a series of tellytubbies suitors.

As with other shopping sites I could filter (eye colour, religion, height), view by most popular/newest or compare two samples profiles against each other – the best thing though was the ever so touching ‘add to cart’.

London Sperm Bank add to basket

I'll take 2

Don’t get greedy though or you might get this message.

BEST error message ever

I am still not sure this is for real but it takes e-cuommerce  to a whole new level – throw in a turkey baster at check out and, as they say, “the job’s a good’un”.

PS Can I say how much I love their logo…who knew how phallic it putting a d and o beside each other is?  Well spotted creative agency, well spotted.

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Google paid as much attention in French class as I did…

I wanted to check the spelling of ‘twenty five’ in French so plugged it in to the trusty Google Translate tool and got this fantastic result.

Google translate fail

…and yes I did try a series of numbers and it seems to give the same result – unless, the number is divisible by 10 (is there a word for numbers divisible by 10?).

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WTF? Friday

I am generally quite a punctual person which was why I was a bit surprised when I got a reminder this  morning letting me know that I was 411 years late for a call – I clicked snooze, I figure if they waited 411 years for me, another 5 minutes wont really matter.

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Wedding forecast…

Today’s forecast for the Royal Wedding is…….

Royal wedding forecast as of Wednesday

Can’t say it’s looking good for the open top carriage!

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2 days (of work) left until (another 4-day weekend) the Royal Wedding

Yeah so I kinda haven’t blogged in a while but this post is entirely dedicated to my Auntie L whom was looking for an update from this side of the pond about the wedding shenanigans.

Besides us getting this Friday off to celebrate the Royal Wedding, there isn’t as much going on as I would have expected.  The pubs are using this as a great opportunity to advertise that they are opening at 9:30am on Friday and tonight there seems to be tons of documentaries re-hashing everything we already know about the happy couple.  Overall though I do think North America is a bit more enthused about this than the Brits – I say this as BBC is interviewing Meredith Viera asking her why the US is so interested in Wills/Cate.

I did get up this morning and headed to Buckingham Palace to check it out and see if I could get some shots of all the TV crews filming for the morning news…or not.

I then headed up Regent Street (which was beautifully decorated – see slide show) expecting to at least see some fancy window displays – the one below was clever but not exactly what I was expecting (both of these are made of black/white 7 jeans).

Sadly today’s mission to provide an update seem to have failed but don’t worry Auntie L – I will post daily until the wedding.  I will also provide a daily weather update –  below is the current forecast for Friday from the BBC website – the Queen better pack her wellies!

Don’t bother watching this if you have an allergy or aversion to Union Jacks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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WTF? Friday

Oddly specific dating site that was just advertised on TV…


Uniform Dating description

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Ivana Tinkle

Thought these names in the news were quite ironically appropriate.

Peter Boddy talking about body building…

And Mr Loser with his giant bird cage.  I love how instead of referring to him by his last name like they do in 99% of all news articles (as per above) they ended up referring to him as John instead…booooring.

Personally I think “Looser’s assistant is dwarfed by this creation” would have been funnier…but that’s just me, I still laugh at the word ‘duty’ or when people trip and pretend they didn’t.

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