The eyes have it…*

Not sure what to say about these other than meet the mascots for the London 2012 Olympics….two alien cyclops(es?) dressed in onesies called Mandeville and Wenlock (are those real names? places?  historical references I should be familiar with?)

Even the lame description of their ‘features’ doesn’t help much….a taxi light? really? are we meant to hail these things?  friendship bracelets? wasn’t that so 2001? are you sure they aren’t shag bands? oooh but look kids, their eye is meant to be a camera ‘recording everything’ that’s not creepy at all.

I’m probably going to read tomorrow that these were designed by a group of blind, armless children struck down with swine flu who’s last wish was to contribute something pretty to the Olympics….then I will feel bad.

*For your reference this saying is really ‘the ayes have it’ and is used in the UK House of Commons when they pass a bill and people vote aye or nay and if the majority is ayes they declare ‘the ayes have it’….take that to your next pub quiz/jeopardy try out/trivial pursuit party

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2 Responses to The eyes have it…*

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t too crazy about the Vancouver Mascots, but they are down right adorable compared to these. Who really wants to scare little children with these one eyed creatures! No offence to any one eyed people. I had a one eyed grandmother in law who was very nice! Nice, not scary!
    Aunty L.

  2. Johnny says:

    Iris designed the mascots. Weird that they’d let an ad agency run wild with an idea.

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