WTF? Friday

So I’m not remotely fashionable so probably shouldn’t be commenting on this but I am just not sure I get these.  To be fair in the early 80’s I am sure people were puzzled by leg warmers but knee-lons ?(yes, I made that up so if it becomes a phenomenon you heard it here first)…. really? Has anyone other than a plastic mannequin tried them on? Do they look as good when the elastic digs into your thigh and create a thigh muffin top?

Just not really getting this look…although I wasn’t that keen on jeggings either and they are everywhere…what do I know.

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One Response to WTF? Friday

  1. Kirstin says:

    Oh god, I’ve never seen these. They’re awful… but then i went to the grocery store today in yoga pants with multiple holes, a pair of welly boots and a t-shirt that is too big and thus shows off my ugly hand-me-down bra… I think that makes me the least qualified person to judge fashion EVER.

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