WTF? Friday

I stumbled across this clip the other day and childhood memories came flying back.  This show was called ‘Just like Mom’ and it questioned mother daughter teams about one another to see if they knew more or less than other mother daughter teams – at the end the daughters battled it out in the kitchen in a bake off  (not sexist at all).

The bake off kitchen was stocked with everything  flour (Robin Hood brand because they sponsored the show),chocolate chips, relish, mustard, ketchup, maple syrup – basically all gross and odd condiments.  Once the cookies/squares were baked the mom’s had to taste them to identify which one their daughter baked.  This is when the real strategy came in as I am sure EVERY daughter in Canada had their secret ingredient figured out…mine was mustard.   I was going to put as much French’s yellow mustard in my cookie as humanly possible so when my mom saw/bit into the yellow grossness she would know it was mine then we’d win the whole thing and I’d get to spin the big wheel and maybe we’d even win a trip to Florida, or a popcorn maker.

Sadly I never did get on the show but in retrospect I don’t think we had strange enough names, big enough glasses or bad enough haircuts to qualify to be on the show (as you will see from the clip).

The first clip is an advertisement for the show but gives you an idea of the tackiness and the second is a hilariously inappropriate series of clips of the creepy host chatting up the daughters – gotta love the 80’s…

Just like Mom

Creepy Host

PS Happy Mothers Day on Sunday Mom, don’t worry I didn’t send any mustard cookies.

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2 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. Anonymous says:

    That creepy kissy man is just disgusting! I hope he is behind bars somewhere, and I don’t mean the drinking kind!!!!!!
    Aunty L.

  2. Craig says:

    Believe it or not, a certain Ryan Robillard (from UofG) was on that show back in the day. No joke. He even showed us a video of it one time. Although I’m not sure he had the host gazing into his eyes…

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