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Toasty sandwiches

I have a bit of a thing for the Poundland store near my house (yes, you guessed it, a store where everything costs £1, I am such a recessionista). They carry quite a few brand name products (like Tetley Tea … Continue reading

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Eating your words

I figured out fairly quickly after moving here that I don’t sound like everyone else. We were at the tower of London getting a group tour by a real live Beefeater. At one point he looked at me and said … Continue reading

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WTF? Friday continued…

Oh no!  I spotted these elastic waist jeans in Miss Selfridges, it’s not just River Island!!!  Please make it stop.

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WTF? Friday

I think it is fair to say that London is fairly up there in terms of being a fashionable city. People here just seem to have a built in knowledge of what is going to  be the next trend even … Continue reading

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Bright lights

I probably shouldn’t admit this but I just got home from standing outside of the London Premier of 17 Again (movie with teen heartthrob Zac Efron and not so teen heart throb Matthew Perry).  Anyway, they tend to do these … Continue reading

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I love techy kids

I might consider having kids if someone would guarantee me they would be this amazingly geeky at 4 and a half (although mine would be Mac, not PC…and probably blonde) With my luck however I would get one like this … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Little People

One of the blogs I read as a way to increase my useless knowledge mentioned that this weekend marked the 50th Birthday of Fisher Price’s ‘Little people’ (is this politically correct?)  and they were able to dig out this fantastic … Continue reading

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