Milk, potatoes and sandy beaches

So a few weekends ago we went to visit friends in Jersey – not New Jersey in the US but Jersey, the island off of the UK.  That is about all I knew of it before landing…wasn’t even sure where ‘off of the UK’ that it was but I was confident the pilot flying the plane knew where it was so that was all that mattered.

After an hour long delay taking off we finally taxied down the runway, took off, levelled off then started to decent again – obviously my minor fear of flying and the fact that we were only in the air for 40 minutes and there was only water as far as the eye could see, I figured we were crashing…we didn’t and this was my first view of Jersey which was pretty gorgeous.

Definitely wasn't expecting Mediterranean tropical views

I learnt that Jersey is off the south west coast of England and is approximately 13.5 km x 7.5km (9 miles x 5 miles) tall but has over 480km (300 miles) of roads.  They use pounds as currency but they are Jersey pounds and look different from English pounds – they do accept English pounds but Jersey pounds are not accepted anywhere outside of Jersey…got it??

Jersey is also known for their milk from Jersey cows and their potatoes called Jersey royals. Both lovely but what I was blown away with was the beaches.  The water is Mediterranean turquoise and depending on where you are on the island you either have gorgeous rocky shores or white sand beaches – you can even surf (pending you know how/want to learn).

Even the graveyards are picturesque……

Hard to believe it was only 2 hours door to door from London…

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