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Mind the gap, and the drunk people

Sadly, as of tonight at midnight you will be no longer able to drink on the tube. For most of the Canadians in the crowd I am sure they are saying ‘what? you could drink on the tube?’ Drinking in … Continue reading

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My new lunch spot

  Nothing better than getting a free cookie on your way to work (I might have to agree with Kirstin, it must be international cookie day!)….oh but wait there is something better….finding out that the cookie is advertising the new … Continue reading

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May bank holiday – toll booths and frozen fish

We just spent the (second) May bank holiday weekend driving around Normandy, France (which was lovely, more on that later). In preparation for the trip we did what every generation x-er would do and, (the night before the trip) went … Continue reading

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Home sweet flatpack home

I have mentioned my fondness for Ikea and my nostalgia for Argos the catalogue store so you wont be surprised that I am excited about this new product which combines the flatpack-ness of Ikea and the fun of catalogue shopping … Continue reading

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OMG WTF are you saying?

On top of the many new words I have added to my vocabulary I have had to add a few acronyms.  Acronyms can be harder to figure out when someone says them in a sentence as with words you can usually … Continue reading

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Got my ‘sporin!

Thank you to the lovely Patrick for sending me some Polysporin….look at it in all its medicinal glory.  You can’t read it but that banner on the is drawing attention to it’s Heal Fast technology, great stuff, why let nature … Continue reading

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The wheels on the bus

I did one of my favourite things this weekend and rode the bus around London in what I call the ‘tourist seats’.  These are the top front seats on the London double decker buses (no neither of those people in the picture are … Continue reading

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