WTF? Friday

Really?  Do you need a dry shampoo* flavour (for lack of a better word) that smells ‘quintessentially British’ – any guesses as to what that might be? ‘ Fish n’ Chip Fresh’,  ‘Misty Lager’?

*Dry shampoo is like a sprayable baby powder that soaks up the grease in your hair  if you don’t have time/facilities to wash it.  Its good if you ever find yourself out til 3am on a school night waking up  late for work with no time to shower but still need to look presentable – or for camping, whichever you prefer.

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One Response to WTF? Friday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, you must go in and spray it (not in the hair but the air) and let me know just exactly what part of Britain it smells like!!!
    Aunty L.

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