Happy anniversary to us…

London Shirt

It was two years ago on Friday that we arrived with our 8 suit cases (including 2 massive hockey bags) to the land of tea and crumpets. I am not sure that we really expected it to be so easy to move to another country, get settled into a new flat and new jobs and surround ourselves with such an incredible group of friends as it turned out to be. There were some hiccups along the way as we adjusted to the culture and language. For example in one of my first business meetings we were discussing what we would need for and upcoming event and I was told we must source some b-spoke gilays (exactly as I wrote it in my notes). I tried my best to figure out what this thing might be but finally had to pull a colleague aside and have them explain to me that it was a bespoke (custom) gilet (puffy vest)….made much more sense then.

I also quickly realised that pants really do mean underwear when I walked into the office after getting caught in the rain at lunchtime and exclaiming ‘aaah my pants are wet’….yup, that went down well!

Otherwise we have adjusted quite well and don’t find it odd to have a pint on a Tuesday (or any other day that ends with a y), have an unhealthy addiction to tea and think Sunday Roasts and fry ups are the best culinary creations…especially when those are your only 2 meals on a hungover Sunday.

Anyway for now I think this is exactly where we are meant to be and judging by the number of friends already booked to come visit this year we don’t think they mind us being here either….besides, you can always go home…just not until we are sick of 5 weeks holiday and travelled ALL of Europe (sorry Mom and Dad).

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