WTF? Friday

Yeah, so this ad caught my eye on the tube this morning .  I’m not sure what the link is between finding a baby daddy and the size of the donor’s manhood but besides that…You can browse sperm donors online???

Of course I was curious enough to check out the site to see if it was for real.  Figuring you would have to sign up to actually browse “the goods” I was quite surprised that after a few clicks I was presented with a series of tellytubbies suitors.

As with other shopping sites I could filter (eye colour, religion, height), view by most popular/newest or compare two samples profiles against each other – the best thing though was the ever so touching ‘add to cart’.

London Sperm Bank add to basket

I'll take 2

Don’t get greedy though or you might get this message.

BEST error message ever

I am still not sure this is for real but it takes e-cuommerce  to a whole new level – throw in a turkey baster at check out and, as they say, “the job’s a good’un”.

PS Can I say how much I love their logo…who knew how phallic it putting a d and o beside each other is?  Well spotted creative agency, well spotted.

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4 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. David Blanar says:

    Wait a minute …. that donor profile … hey … don’t look at me … !

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love how religion is thrown in there as if it matters to the genes.

  3. David Blanar says:

    It likely matters to the potential parents … sure, ‘Atheist’ doesn’t give a whole lot away. But perhaps “Jewish” might?

  4. Their ‘sister’ organisation, the London Women’s Clinic has an equally awesome logo:

    Same design agency too:

    And it all comes from the people who brought you the awesomely named ‘Inseminar’:

    Amazing stuff eh?

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