To my brilliant Auntie L

My Auntie L whom has kept this blog readership at a steady 1 for the past six years is feeling a bit poorly so Winston thought that posting a few pictures of him might help (warning, if you don’t like dogs, look away now)


Auntie L sent something called Peeps, I tried to eat them but Mom growled so I had to let go of them


Nannie needed help making tea so I kept her feet warm


Here I am modelling me my Jubilee bow tie


I have been taught how to ‘touch’ where I hit my nose to your palm, basically I will do anything for a treat


Dad tried to teach me how to smile, I already know how


I watched the London marathon…whilst being carried


My first trip on the tube, actually I took up the entire aisle on the tube


Nannie thought I should be reminded that I am half Canadian


Look! I caught a butterfly!




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3 Responses to To my brilliant Auntie L

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness. I check this constantly and nothing since christmas. The pictures are perfect and I’m glad Nannie made him something Canadian.I’m definitely feeling less poorly now( I think he looks a little like his Dad when he smiles)!
    Love Aunty L.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad you are back!!!

  3. tj says:

    Never do another blog entry ever again please.

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