WTF? Friday

Really Kleenex?  Did you need to go there?  This kinda shattered my image of the brand… like seeing Ronald McDonald stumbling drunk out of a nightclub.

I promise this was real...was in the metro newspaper on Wednesday

And that leads me to a nice foray into discussing mansize tissues…I really can’t believe these exist.   Why didn’t this ‘mansize’ thing take off, surely if men are too gigantic and manly to use ‘women sized’ tissues then they must be massively inconvenienced by regular sized everything else…why aren’t there mansize loaves of bread, cans of pop, pillows,  pain medications??  Whatever…I’m just looking forward to the mansize tissues version of Kleenex’s shirtless hunky dude ads.

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1 Response to WTF? Friday

  1. lynn says:

    I like the mansize kleenex. It just like having a big dinner napkin.

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