Is there a doctor in the pond?

After spending the entire day yesterday in my pj’s on the couch it was time to get out into the real world again – it seems that 2011 has brought with it a new spa in the area…

Yes that does say Fish Spa, and the largest one in London at that – from what I can tell by peeking through the sweaty windows it looks like a pedicure place that has those flesh eating fish (or fish doctors as they call them) that frankly creep me out a whole lot.  For those of you not familiar with a fish pedicure there is a video below.  It’s definitely not for me, I have visions of me kicking furiously about the second one of leech-esque flesh eaters come near my feet – I don’t think my conscience can handle stamping a school of fish doctors to death. You go ahead and tell me how it is while I recite the theme from Jaws in my head …

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