So 2011 began as most years do – me calling my Mom marginally tipsy from the bar to wish her a happy birthday at midnight as she is one of those lucky few with a January 1st birthday so usually enjoys getting drunk happy birthdays at midnight or hungover happy birthdays later in the afternoon when people (me) finally get up  and get sorted. Anyhow happy birthday to Mom – you obviously don’t look a day over 32 because when I was home for Christmas everyone commented on how much we look alike and I refuse to believe I look 60 🙂

Anyhoo here’s to a great twenty eleven/two thousand eleven or whatever you call it – it took me until September to stop thinking it was 2009 so I have about 9 months to figure out what to call it.



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3 Responses to Happy…

  1. lynn says:

    It made me laugh out loud.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year to you too!
    Yes you do look like your Mom so imagine how good you will look at 60!
    Glad to see some blogs back as I check just about everyday. Will even take a weather report now and then if you can’t think of anything else. I expect a running up date an all the Royal happenings this year with weddings and christenings etc.
    Love Aunty L.

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