Still great at 50

So this year is Coronation Street’s 50th anniversary and I as much as I shouldn’t admit this I still love the show.  I love how unpretentious the cast is – the characters have more wrinkles than a bowl of prunes and more bad hair days than Donald Trump and Amy Winehouse’s love child than but that’s what makes it great.

You feel like you could have fun/get drunk/work with the people on the show (sadly I don’t really think Eva Longoria would be found doing internet marketing in a basement office).  This year they have really pushed the boat and dreamt up a massive crisis for which the fallout will be played out meticulously throughout the week leading up to a LIVE episode on Thursday.   Don’t worry I wont spoil it for any of those (many) closet fans in Canada who won’t probably see this epic series until the show turns 55 but it’ll be worth the wait.

Here’s the schedule for those of you who want to shake your head in shame know why my couch will have an even bigger dent in it.

Monday 6 December at 7.30pm, ITV1: Coronation Street
Monday 6 December at 8.00pm, ITV1: Coronation Street’s first ever episode
Monday 6 December at 8.30pm, ITV1: Coronation Street

Tuesday 7 December at 8.30pm. ITV1: Coronation Street

Wednesday 8 December at 7pm, ITV1: Coronation Street

Thursday 9 December at 8pm, ITV1: Coronation Street LIVE episode, one hour long

Friday 10 December at 7.30pm, ITV1: Coronation Street
Friday 10 December at 8.30pm, ITV1: Coronation Street

On another anniversary type note today is my Dad’s birthday  – sadly there isn’t a 8 episode TV series to celebrate it but there should be cause he’s great, as is his outfit in this picture (he’s the one on the right in two different plaids).

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2 Responses to Still great at 50

  1. margie says:

    Hey A ,is that Joe with Phil at Crealocks

  2. Phil (Dad) says:

    It is a little known fact that plaid is an aphrodisiac for brook trout, as I recall 6 made the final sacriface that day.

    Yes Margie it is Joe but we were at Loch Lomond Lake 1967.

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