Save the date…

Royal wedding day

The Royal wedding was officially announced this afternoon at 12:30 and by 2:30 it was from page news….my favourite part about this whole thing is that the wedding date has been added as an official UK bank holiday and the timing of it nicely ties in with our already existing spring bank holiday giving us a 4 day weekend end of April.  Yay for random holidays (I’m ignoring the fact completely that the city/tubes/streets will be jammed by gawkers well wishers and I will wish I was underground in a windowless office as per usual).

I loved the family reaction with Prince Charles about the whole thing when he said he was ‘thrilled’ and that ‘they (Kate and Will) had been practicing long enough’ – something about that quote makes me cringe.  Then chimes in his Mrs who ended her blah blah quote with ‘it’s wicked’…yeah, wicked…that’s one step up from ‘rad’ Camilla is so down wit da’ kidz!!

And for those of you planning on ‘sleeping rough’ (outside) to get a glimpse of the festivities…dont worry the long, long, long range forecast looks good – remind me to refer to this post again in 4 months and see how wrong, wrong, wrong they were.

royal wedding forecast




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1 Response to Save the date…

  1. Lynn W says:

    I like your comment about Prince Charles because I am sure anyone over 40 remembers his comment about Camilla (he is clearly about the sex).

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