Peas porridge hot…

So I’ve been a bit smug lately cause I am finding that I am asking stupid questions far less frequently (like when I asked the difference between 1st and 2nd class stamps and what a gilet was) and there are far fewer situations that I am finding odd – I do now understand the necessity of bleeding radiators (post for another day) and that just about everyone has a burglar alarm beside their bed but doesn’t know if it works or what it is connected to so I shouldn’t ask.

Anyhoo today while queuing to pay for my dinner I came eye to eye with this.

pease porridge

Because I tend to get songs/rhymes/random things stuck in my head fairly easily I started reciting (to myself) Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold… and wondered if this was what the nursery rhyme was about.  The confusing bit I wasn’t sure about was the pudding bit as  pudding is synonymous with dessert (and is not referring to one dessert that comes in a package and promoted by Bill Cosby) so I wasn’t sure if pease pudding was the same as pease porridge but Wikipedia has confirmed that it is the same.

Sooo for those of you unaware (me) it turns out that Pease porridge is a baked vegetable product (ick) made of peas, water, salt and spices that is usually a dark yellow flavour and is served with ham or sausages.  Doesn’t exactly sound like something that deserves it’s own nursery rhyme but then again, ring around the rosy is about the plague so I guess a rhyme about glupy peas isn’t that far fetched.

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1 Response to Peas porridge hot…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well thanks, I didn’t know that. Thank goodness that is one thing my British mother never feed me. I did however have to endure mushy peas. Still not something I can eat!
    Aunty L.

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