You didn’t ask but…

Yeah so I haven’t posted in a while, here’s what’s been going on for anyone that cares (mainly Auntie L).

My parents came to visit for their 5th trip in almost 5 years.  They ticked a few more landmarks off of their London bucket list visiting the London Eye (Mom thought it was a bit high for her liking) and Buckingham Palace on the last day it was open this year before the Queen shuts it so she can throw on her ipod and rock around in yoga gear without tourists taking her picture.

London Eye

The main reason for the parents visit (besides to see their only child) was so Dad could go to the Ryder Cup.  We got tickets for the Tuesday practice game which ended up being the only day in the tourney that didn’t get rained out which was good.  We got up at the crack of dawn and caught a train to Wales – it started off hazy but turned into a beautiful day where we got to see some pretty amazing golf with a quarter of the crowds you would get on a game day – made watching the tournament on TV even better having stood beside most all of the holes at one point or another.

Ryder Cup 2010 Tuesday Practice

Ian Poulter

Otherwise the parents visit was full of trips to our favourite restaurants including Relais de Venise, an Italian restaurant on the high street (twice), fantastic fish and chip place and a favourite pub for a Sunday lunch (twice).  Mom and I also had a few long lunches where we became pretty accomplished at finishing off a bottle of wine before hitting the shops.  We also checked out the new shoe lounge at Selfridges which included gawking at a pair of studded ballet flats that could be yours for only £750 – we each got a pair (no, we really didn’t).

Selfridges Louboutin Boutique

Louboutin Ballets Selfridges

The end of the parents visit was marked by yet another tube strike which was annoying but not earth shattering – good for London’s new Cycle hire scheme – the top picture is what these bike stands usually look like and the bottom one is during the tube strike.

Tube Strike 4th October Cycle Hire

That’s about it in a nutshell….aren’t you glad you didn’t ask?

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