WTF Friday?

So in the lead up to the olympics, ‘Visit Britain’ has released some pointers on how to deal with foreign visitors to Britain…obviously the ones applicable to Canadians were of particular interest and included:

Canadians believes in the first-come, first-serve principle while waiting in line and will be angry if you push ahead.  – sorry …is this so completely illogical that it had to be written out as being specific to Canadians?  What other options are there? queuing up by age, height, shoe size??

They don’t smoke. So don’t try, however,this may be different in Quebec. Smoke what? you might need to be more specific on this one before I can comment…

Canadians are on time,  like shopping and nature, shake hands and use first names.  Yeah so when I come to London for the Olympics you better be sure that your malls are open on time and that all the staff are ready to shake my hand and address me by first name…sorry how is this relevant?

Most importantly, Canadians are not Americans. Canadians may take offence if labelled as American. Canadians often identify themselves as Canadians by wearing a maple leaf pin, or a maple leaf on clothing, etc. (This was so vital that Visit Britain repeats the idea twice)….they only mentioned this twice??  couldn’t they have subtly watermarked the page/booklet with that message?  And we don’t wear pins…we sew a Canadian flag to our luggage/backpacks/children…pins are hardly noticeable enough.

Other interesting points included…

In Canada, women influence 75% of all purchases and have earned the
title “household CEO”.  – HELL YEAH… I’m totally getting business cards printed up with that title.

Canada leads the US in the percentage of households with broadband access – sorry had to add this in as it might be one of the only things we have ever lead the US in besides maple syrup production, but even that might not be true

Wireless penetration has hit a plateau in Canada with 70% of Canadians aged 16 to 60 owning a mobile phone, up just 1% from last year. That puts Canada’s mobile penetration rate well below the global average of 86% per cent and nowhere near other developed countries…heehe you said penetration

When visiting Britain, Canadians are spend time in a pub or bar (over 50% did so) and I have pictures to prove that  – but are not as bothered about going to a nightclub (only 1 in 10 did)Many Canadians are not averse to spending a bit of time in a casino. Over the past couple of years, the trend of Canadians visiting casinos and gambling whilst holidaying abroad has grown remarkably.  – pretty sure this last paragraph might have been written solely about me

For those of you non believers the article is here…

And for those of you interested what they said about our American counterparts…

Americans may be perceived as demanding , will expect good value and  will not hesitate to complain if something is not to their liking.   (No comment, don’t want to deal with any complaints)

Many flights from the USA arrive in the early morning. If you are your  guests’ first port of call from the airport, try to arrange for some form of hospitality and services when they arrive, especially if their accommodation isn’t ready.  (Read…Americas aren’t morning people)

Almost all first-time US visitors will come to and spend almost the  whole trip in London however, they need plenty of advice concerning travel outside London, most particularly if they are contemplating hiring a car. (ie remind them that the driver is on the other side of the road AND other side of the car)

More inexperienced US visitors will also, as a rule, travel heavy, often with larger bags. If they are going to hire a car, for example, it is advisable to ask beforehand how much luggage they are taking/bringing. (they don’t know how to pack light)


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One Response to WTF Friday?

  1. dkb says:

    I think you were being a mite charitable to the Americans …. 🙂

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