Sh*t that caught my eye

I may not be up on genetic cloning but when did we go from creating Dolly the cloned sheep to herds of milk producing cows?  Seriously….I know I prefer Perez Hilton to the real news but  if someone asked me to pick the fake news headline I am pretty sure it would have been a toss up between ‘Brad and Angelina adopt Justin Beiber’ and ‘Humans drinking milk from cloned cows’.

Fab Facebook Ads

Would like to thank facebook for serving me up me some particularly fantastic ads this week because there is nothing like suggesting I take an online fertility test whilst at the same time offering me free pregnancy goodies and suggesting its time to tick sh*t off my bucket list.

Then there was my personal fave…

Have a hard to buy for friend with Cystic Fibrosis?  Give them the gift of a sinus rinse….yes because nothing says thank you for being a friend like a good salt water spray up the ol’ nostrils. Thanks, but I think the standard greeting card and a lottery ticket will do just fine.

Free Spray Tans at Gatwick airport

Get that Gatwick glow.  Because 32% of people surveyed said their pasty complexion was an issue before going on holiday…apparently they forgot about the 99% of people who wouldn’t be interested in stripping down to be spray tanned in an airport.


Really?  You sure she’s not just posing for a picture?

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