WTF? Friday

As much as I want to believe that this isn’t a marketing ploy, it seems a Jamaican rapper has come out with a song about ‘Clarks’, a UK shoe brand that was about as trendy as flesh coloured Wonder Bras.

As of late, Clarks have come out with some styles that which do look like they would appeal to a market other than cane toting tweed trouser wearing grandfathers and it seems like the Jamaicans have spotted this as (and I quote):

“Policemen wear it, gangsters wear it. Big men wear it to their work. Schoolchildren wear it to school.”

….which is obviously why a song needs to be made about them.

As much as I know you are dying to sit through 3 minutes of a song with marginally distinguishable lyrics about shoes (FYI, the chorus is ‘everybody haffi ask weh mi get mi Clarks’), my WTF moment came at 31 seconds just after they mention England then flash to this:

Clarks Blue Jay Hat

…and again at 2.28

Clarks Blue Jay Hat

So I think the real question is: haffi bout those Blue Jays?


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