WTF? Friday

As you can imagine the city (and presumably the country but I don’t tend to leave London) is all over this whole World Cup thing with every other window/balcony proudly displaying the England flag and cars/taxis/delivery vans flying their little plastic car flag thingies.  While those aren’t terribly alarming, some of the other memorabilia out there kinda is:

Side Mirror covers (they are called ‘wing mirrors’ here) – pretty smart cause really what is the back of your wing mirror really good for?

Marshmallow Footballers – They look more like middle aged taxi driver or a pub landlord marshmallows but whatever I’m not one to be picky when it comes to marshmallow treats.

The WAG in Waiting Bikini – nothing says ‘I understand the offside rule’ like the St George’s cross on your boob

And finally…one that might be snatched up quite quickly  if we lose against Germany…

The ‘C’mon England’ toilet lid sticker


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