Not a sh*thead

Last year when my nieces came to visit we did the ever so touristy thing of hopping on the double decker tour buses awhile someone told us the history of London…amongst some of the very historical stories there are always a few comments thrown in satirically.

One such made up story (I thought) was that Sir Winston Churchill wasn’t keen on having a statue erected in his honour as he didnt want to be a toilet perch for pigeons.  As a result, the Government installed an electrical current into his statue which would kill ward off pigeons…the tour guide even laughed a bit saying she wasn’t sure if it was entirely true but that she had never seen a pigeon on his statue.  I have since found evidence that it is true as Canada also honoured the British Prime Minister with a statue, unfortunately it seems they didn’t get the whole pigeon sh*t memo..

Sir Winston Churchill Statue London

Sir Winston Churchill Statue Toronto…and he doesn’t look happy

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