WTF? Friday

This is more of a why didn’t I think of that vs WTF but regardless…

So I’m going through a bit of a cupcake phase at the moment. I have always loved the mini cake and icing goodness of a cupcake but a new ‘boutique’ cupcake shop has opened in 2 locations within walking distance of my office.  My colleagues are also cupcake lovers so between the peer pressure and the all-too-close location, I have been finding myself eating these on a weekly basis.

I do have  a bit of a system when I eat my cupcake as I use a knife to cut it up into small bits then use the knife to then spread the exorbitant amount of icing evenly amongst each bite…because really who wants a bite of icingless cake?  Anyhoo I saw this article on how to eat a cupcake other day and thought it might have been the smartest thing I had seen in a while so I reenacted it :

Start with a cupcake

cut the cake in half

Cut the cake-ie bit in half (kids, make sure you have a parent present if you are using a knife)

Take the cake from the bottom and put it on top (to the tune of the Jenga song) to make an amazing cupcake sandwich!!

Optional - cut in half then quarters (not pictured) to make mini cupcake sandwich bites with the perfect cake to icing ratio

Best. Thing. EVER.

PS – For those of you in the Toronto area looking for a cupcake to try this with I would recommend you check out Yummy Mummy cupcakes.  Sadly there is a giant ocean preventing me from being able to order cupcakes from these ladies but you better believe I am pre ordering before my next trip home…mmmm cupcakes.

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One Response to WTF? Friday

  1. A says:

    This is genius. I will definatley do it with my next cupcake! yum.

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