So blonde it hurts

I used to pride myself by knowing the answer to every blonde joke to prove how incredibly smrt smart I really am…..then I do stuff like this and it makes me want to start correcting typos in my email with tipp-ex (whiteout)

So we recently put down new carpet in our bedroom – we used to have the cushy beige stuff that most bedrooms have and we replaced it with this trendy one with a pattern design in it.  Anyhoo back in the old days when I was too lazy to rock out the ironing board I would cheekily iron it on the floor on my nice plush carpet.  Turns out that in the carpet world trendy and patterned translates to plastic and melt-able…..

Also I decided to conduct said ironing job right the middle of the bedroom making it impossible to hide it with a rug/chest of drawers/dog statue…..what do you call a blonde who irons her bedroom floor???

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