Drop and give me ten….

In my quest to find the perfect exercise (no impact maximum results) I went with two colleagues to (a free) British Military Fitness class – or Brit mil fit for those in the know (and by know, I mean too lazy to pronounce full words).  These classes are held in parks across the city and are easily identified as the victims participants are all wearing brightly coloured numbered bib and are being chased by a person in full military fatigue.

Being realistic about our athletic abilities we opted for the blue category (beginner) so donned our blue bibs and were off.  We learnt quickly that you can’t wear a watch (5 push ups if you do) bring an extra jumper (public ridicule as the instructor has to carry it for you) or insinuate that you are cold (3 laps to the farthest tree and back to warm up).

The class is made of group activities where you partner up and do exercises by resisting off each other (like arm wrestling, linking arms and sitting down then standing up again without falling) which also means you get to know other people in the group which is helpful if you are looking to make friends – not so helpful if the people you are partnered with are really serious about the workout and don’t want to hear you winge about how much you hate running (so I learnt).

Overall I did like the idea of public ridicule as a means of incentivising me to work harder (I come by it honestly,  Mom always says that the only way she would work out is if she had a personal trainer with a gun ) but they were pretty light on us and the instructor wasn’t half as angry as I had thought –  I was fully expecting to leave in tears.

Anyhoo I think the concept is great but I did find that there was a bit too much running for my liking…oh yeah and communal water bottles.  I’m all for getting fit but not sure that I am willing to risk communicable diseases in order to do so.

Next exercise…spinning

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One Response to Drop and give me ten….

  1. dkb says:

    A former colleague of mine swore by BritMilFit and I’ve looked into it myself although never done it. I’m defo interested, let me know if you’re going to do it again.

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