No fly zone

We have had an absolutely gorgeous weekend of which I have spent 90% in a park soaking up the rays so I can sport the  ‘I haven’t seen the sun in 8 months’ sunburn tomorrow.

Contrary to popular belief there wasn’t a cloud in the sky (volcanic or otherwise) and we aren’t being showered by ash (unless you count the minuscule particles floating in the air which will probably suffocate us all).  It was strange though as the park we were in is on the flight path to Heathrow meaning the sky is usually criss-crossed with airplane  trails (see picture from 2009 below) but all weekend there wasn’t one in sight.  At least the people who were stuck in London this weekend were treated to some fantastic weather….let the British summer begin (oh yeah and that whole volcano thing end soon).

The park last year full of airline trails

Clapham Common summer

This year, not a cloud in the sky

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