WTF? Friday

I don’t remember the exact moment but there was an incident at a shopping mall in Ottawa (capital of Canada for those of you trivia fans) when a clown approached me to offer me a balloon – he startled me and I remember turning around  starring into the face of a middle aged man wearing stage makeup.  After that I was officially scarred, not just afraid of clowns but was afraid of that entire mall (a fear which I have since gotten over).

Anyhoo my childhood fear of clowns was born out of an honest mistake and not something that my parents hired someone to do because yes, this exists now.  Dominic Deville is making  career dressing up as a terrifying looking clown who is hired by parents to scare kids for their birthday.   He taunts kids via texts, phone calls and booby trapped letters (sorry, since when do children receive texts?) and warns them that he is watching them and is going to smash a cake in their face at some unsuspecting time. Wow, sounds like a great idea to me.  Do the parents also agree to cover the counselling bills when the kids become afraid of cakes, random texts and their birthday?

Happy mental traumatisation!

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