Holding their buns

This is worthy of a WTF? Friday but it just can’t wait that long.

The latest PR stunt product development idea from KFC is the bun-less chicken sandwich…this isn’t one of those Atkins (may he rest in peace) supported sandwiches that removes the bun because of the unhealthy carbs it removes the bun and replaces it with another piece of chicken.  Because face it,  the whole problem with sandwiches through the ages has been the all too logical bread like material holding everything together.

On top of it just being a stupid idea, how unappealing is it that you are gripping two chicken breasts with your hands and chowing down – you wouldn’t do this with a ham and cheese sandwich would you?  At least with the deep fried version there is a crispy coating to help you grip but really can you physically hold two pieces of grilled chicken greased up with slippery sauce and melted cheese, balanced on two bacon skis – its like a chicken luge.  Here I was thinking that last year’s PR burger was bad enough – all they did was add a hashbrown.

Thanks DKB!

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