Rye (the town, not the drink)

Since we had a little time on our hands this weekend (the  UK gets both Friday and Monday of Easter off…its lovely) we headed off to a small town in south east England called Rye (just like the drink…mmmm rye and coke).
We arrived in Rye and I fell in love with the real cobblestone roads.  I didn’t even know roads like this existed, it was like walking on hundreds of egg shaped rocks – which was cool until you tried to roll a suitcase on it.  For anyone thinking of going there, pack your stuff in a shoulder bag you’ll look less touristy (and city-gal like).

Not high heel or rolling suit case friendly - FYI

Real people lived in these cute houses

Real people live here!

We found the hotel, dropped our bags then headed to a pub at which point it started to pour with rain which was perfect, with pint (of local cider) in hand I promptly cuddled up in the warm pub and read the day away.  Being on the coast, most of the restaurants specialised in seafood so we dined on Rye bay scallops, prawns and dover sole.  I wasn’t as taken with the peel and eat prawns as on top of decapitating them, we also had to scrape out the millions of eggs that the females carry around.  By the time I had de-capitated, de-egged, de-legged there was hardly enough left to make my effort worth it.

Pint of prawns - seemed like a good idea at the time

Is there such thing as prawn caviar? Creeped me out a bit, felt responsible for millions of baby prawns that won't be born (or eaten)

The rest of the trip was spent wandering around the town doing a lazy pub crawl of sorts.  On Sunday we took the long way to the pub and followed a country walk which went right through fields of sheep. Being a city girl I was sure this was totally illegal but once I saw that the walk was property signposted was happy to continue.  I spent the next 45 minutes taking far too may pictures of the lambs, talking to them and awww’ing over the baby ones (I wasn’t even that bothered when I realised there was grass and sh*t all over my trainers!)

I was afraid the same rule applied to humans so I stayed close to the path.

It's like Babe but without the pig or the talking animals

The numbers make them easier to identify them in the school play

I highly recommend Rye for a weekend away, the food was great, pubs were great and there were real lambs, what more could you ask for?

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1 Response to Rye (the town, not the drink)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I stayed there in 1988 – in a B&B owned by an artist. We stayed in the Taj Mahal painted room, very cool. The artist was very opinionated – hated the French! I loved it, but in the family way, so didn’t really enjoy the pub as much as I would like!

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