Not fooled

I was so excited to get my free paper this morning and start trawling through it for fake stories for April fools but was disappointed to see that they only had a page of stories which they challenged you to figure out which ones were real or not…what fun is that?  I like the well written but total bullsh*t story that they usually write but don’t warn you about.  Last year the bar was even raised and there was some fake ads…this year there was nothing!  Knowing it was April fools did make me think twice about these ads/stories.

Free water? Say it aint so!

I thought this was some kind of photoshop job but turns out it was a hiiilarious PR stunt where they are running to the table so they dont get in trouble with their wives...that PR manager needs to be fired a raise

Don't get me wrong the Maritime provinces are beautiful but £2385 per person you could almost own a portion of Prince Edward Island 🙂

The non free papers did run some stories about edible newsprint ink (would have loved to have seen someone licking their paper on the tube to see if it was true) and ferrets helping to thread internet cable in the city, next year I guess I will have to fork out 40p for some good old fashion foolery.

April Fools 2009 – Fresh Pinanas

April Fools 2008 – Dr Han Zoff and Lola Forpi

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