I’m lovin’ it

I know this has been around for ages but I was walking through Piccadilly Circus again the other day and saw this billboard and it reminded me of the genius-ness that is this campaign (and its not just because I have a soft spot in my heart for McDonalds, or that I had it for dinner).

If you haven’t been, Piccadilly Circus is a crazy busy intersection filled with billboards, lights and loads of tourists with cameras – London’s answer to time square (on a much smaller scale).  Anyhoo someone at McDonalds marketing found a clever way to take advantage of the plethora of tourists with their cameras and decided to broadcast fun interactive images on their billboards so if  you stand in just the right position you can look like you are wearing the hat/holding the umbrella/dreaming about a Big Mac.  It might not necessarily sell more burgers but it certainly more exciting than the giant Sanyo sign.

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