WTF? Friday

Second to infomercials I love home shopping network – the overenthusiastic presenters, their horrible ad-libbing about how you absolutely need the random product they are hawking at that very moment and the ‘models’ whom you know are hoping that the CEO of Storm Modelling agency is watching them model clip on earrings at 3am.

Anyhoo I am adding a new category of funny to home shopping network shows – the live bloopers.  This one I found particularly funny  and the running commentary this poor guy gives of his injury before his esteemed colleague Odell steps in to save the day.

PS a Katana is a samurai sword for those of you not up on your Japanese battle weapons

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1 Response to WTF? Friday

  1. blogmella says:

    I absolutely LOVE shopping channels. I like the beauty stuff on QVC with Alison (Alyson?) because she is such a bitch to the models – she says stuff like “You have quite a lot of fine lines don’t you?”, it’s hilarious. And I like it when the same model is there for an hour, having EVERY product smeared on her face in turn. WTF? Also, the models and presenters enthuse about EVERYTHING and claim to use all of the products daily – so why do some of the presenters look so OLD?

    Oooh… Looking around your subject matter – you may like a recent entry I’ve made.

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