WTF? Friday (ish)

So we went skiing in France a few weeks ago and one night our friends were heading to the grocery store and asked if I wanted anything…never being one to turn down an opportunity to snack, I asked that they grab me a bag of crisps (chips).  When they returned, I happily tucked into my giant single serve bag .  After a few (handfuls) I noticed that the crisps felt thick and looked a bit paler than normal.  I turned over the bag and thanks to my amazing French skills I learnt growing up in Canada, (and ability to recognise an oven icon) I noticed that these crisps needed to be baked before eating!! What the hell kind of convenience food requires that you cook it before you eat them? Anything requiring the oven is called a meal…

To be honest they didn’t taste all that bad so I did happily consume a good portion of the bag  before I finally rolled myself off the couch to put them in the oven.  They did kinda taste nice when they were warm and crisper but in future I think I will opt for the already cooked deep fried version of my favourite snacks, I only use the oven for special occasions.

Translates to "chips you have to cook yourself" (actually it doesn't but it should)

Pourquoi mes amis? Pourquoi?

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