Sealed with an x

I read an article the other day in Stylist (my fave free weekly magazine – the sister to my other favourite Shortlist) about the new rules for business etiquette and whether or not putting an x in an email is unprofessional.

Now the professionalism isn’t my issue its the use of ‘x’ itself.  The character ‘x’ is used here in the UK to end everything  from text messages, emails, birthday cards to instant messages.  After a while I got used to seeing this symbol and started using it myself to sign off said communications.  Based on its prevalence and the people I knew who used the ‘x’ regularly I figured  it was the equivalent to a virtual hug (my rationale is that an x looks like arms crossing in a hug).  It wasn’t until I was here for almost 2 years (and after many x’s sent and received) someone told me it is actually meant to signify a kiss (ooops).

Personally I think its a friendlier way to sign off a communication rather than just your name however according to this article, in a business setting you should not send anyone an ‘x’ that you wouldn’t kiss in person…which brings up another issue…who are you emailing in a business context that you would kiss in person??  now that’s a much more interesting topic.  x

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2 Responses to Sealed with an x

  1. dkb says:

    Come on now, Trucker …. you know I’m not the kind to kiss and tell …


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