WTF? Friday

I am taking no credit whatsoever for finding this (tx DKB) but its fantastic and I feel the need to share.

Almost a year ago I saw my first pair of ‘jeggings’ (jean leggings’) but never thought that something even more ridiculous could be made bearing the jeans name…I was wrong.

Above and beyond the ridiculousness of Pyjama Jeans – The Pyjamas you wear out and the jeans you wear to bed – is this fantastic infomercial – nowhere else in the world does infomercials as well (or as much) as North America.  Watch for the ‘free shirt offer’ at the end, I’m pretty sure the shirt is a cardboard prop, real shirts are like, expensive, they spent all their money on the real brass rivets.

Few of my favourite quotes:

“They’re the newest thing!” ….. The newest thing EVER?  like newer than the ipad, I HAVE to have them.

“So comfortable you’ll want to sleep in them” – um of course you will want to sleep in them, they have PYJAMA in the name that’s like talking about a dog shampoo that is so versatile you can wash your dog with it.

“Dormi soft fabric” – this is the bit when they wow you with a totally-made-up-but-trademarked-name-for-cotton-mixed-with somethign-elasticy.

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3 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. dkb says:

    Personally, I think they cooked the whole thing up just to show a lot of female butt shots.

  2. Peter says:

    check out my brand of jeans – great for skiing!

  3. Adrienne says:

    OMG literally the best jeans infomercial ever…did you know that jeans skiing isn’t as prevalent around the world as it is in Canada?? I tried to explain jeans skiing to some Brits and they didn’t understand the concept, nor should they to be fair…but if they did they need a pair of these!

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