Does what it says on the tin

There is a saying I learnt when I moved here that has remained one of my favourites…the saying is ‘it does what it says on the tin’ it is meant to describe something that is simple or exactly how it sounds.  Sadly the only real life examples of using this saying happen to be at work but I still like it.

The saying is based on the tagline/brad positioning for a company called Ronseal which makes woodcare/gardening products who’s products are all named based on what they are meant to do.  For instance their deck stain is called ‘deck stain’ radiator paint is called radiator paint and woodstain that dries fast is called quick dry woodstain etc etc.

Anyway I was out for drinks this weekend and was hoping that Ronseal didn’t make this beer…. I am just not sure that using the Manneken Pis is the best icon to have on beverage – especially a light yellow beverage.

Give me a pint of that one with the little guy peeing - yeah that looks good.

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