WTF? Friday

So recently (2 days ago and again today) have had the pleasure of flying Ryanair…I know I have ranted about them in the past so this post will be more awe and disbelief vs a rant.
For those of you unfamiliar Ryanair offers cheap flights in exchange for charging you/selling you anything they can. One of the oddest things they sell on board are scratch cards – these aren’t any National Lottery type legitimate scratch cards they are random Ryanair ones that advertise cash prizes and flights etc (to be honest I am not too familiar cause I have never bought one). Anyhoo the other day on my flight I noticed that this time for the low low price of €2 you could buy a fortune cookie with the chance to win €10,000.  Apparently someone won the prize but ate his winnings when Ryanair wouldn’t pay him out immediately. I do understand that flying Ryainair puts everyone in an immediate state of frustration however I don’t think eating a winning ticket did anything but please the pants off the airline.
At least now there is no reason for me to waste my €2 on a fortune cookie on the way home today (even if it does look like the best thing on the menu).

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2 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. Pete says:

    What an idiot eating his ticket !


    Does he expect the cabin crew to fly around with 10,000 Euros on the plane?! What a complete Kn*b…

    Hehe do love ur blogs !

  2. Adrienne says:

    I know!! Did he think every plane was equipped with a suitcase with €10,000??

    Thanks for still reading 🙂

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