And the winner is…

the answer to that is whether you are from North America or the rest of the world.  In North America the ‘winner’ of the Olympics is the one with the most medals and is therefore the USA.  I learnt today however that the rest of the world deems the winner by the country whom has the most gold medals – clearly a more ‘quality over quantity’ approach which means that, wait for it….CANADA wins the Olympics!!! For the first time in my life the little medal charts show Canada ABOVE the USA, not just above but two above.. I have to admit, I am loving it.

For those of you non believers, below are screen shots from Canadian and US newspapers listing the medals in quantity order then some examples of how the rest of the world does it by ranking the importance of the medal’s value.

At least one thing isn’t debatable and that is the gold medals hanging from both our Women’s and Men’s Hockey Team’s necks (gloat much? me?  never!)

The Toronto Star (Canadian)

USA Today (American)

Vancouver Olympics Website

BBC (United Kingdom)

Le Monde (France)

Sueddeutsche (German)

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