Wardrobe malfunction/good PR

Disappointingly due to the time change between Vancouver and London, the Olympic coverage we have been exposed to has been fairly minimal and almost always not live.  The one bit of film that has been making the rounds was the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ by the British bobsleigh team.  This was filmed at a pre Olympic event in Switzerland and quickly turned into an internet sensation.  It probably also means a few more people will tune into their Olympic race to see if the malfunction happens again.  You can’t buy publicity like this (nor would you probably want to!)

Regardless of our time delay I am kitted out with some awesome Olympic mitts (tx Auntie L) which I look forward to waving proudly during the taped replays of Canada’s successes….particularly those on ice when we are against our neighbours to the south.

In the meantime, those of you whom can watch the Olympics live, watch for any night aerial coverage of a house with a  Canadian flag in lights on its roof because that is my Auntie L’s house – should make it easy to find if I come visit.

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One Response to Wardrobe malfunction/good PR

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hold on to your mittens they are in demand! They have sold 2 million and counting and people are looking for them everywhere. Contrary to what you might hear from the British reporters the games are going well. The weather has been a problem but who can control that. Last year we had snow till May! Love the suite so far no malfunctions like that yet. Who would have thought they were naked under there! Aunty L.

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